"Copy is not written. Copy is assembled."

Eugene Schwartz

Copywriting & Content

Eugene’s sentiment is pretty accurate. Good copy and content is not just written, it’s crafted and developed into engaging and easy to consume prose.

Content production now part of every market team’s agenda, and organisations are struggling with the volume of written material they need to produce. TMCC can create high-quality copy and content for websites and printed material, including corporate documentation, white papers and blogs, social media posts and marketing collateral.

Our specialist knowledge of the general and health insurance sectors allows us to write in an expert voice for these markets. We have also written extensively on health & wellness, including technology for health, fitness, nutrition, medical and other wellness subjects.

Examples of our copywriting and content capabilities:

TMCC Marketing has written and produced numerous white papers on technical insurance issues, such as the causes of medical inflation, SME insurance requirements, insurance in the UK care sector, medical networks, cost containment and EAPs in international health insurance markets

We have written countless articles for the health insurance, general insurance and charity (risk management-related). Other verticals include health and wellness, health technology and general healthcare-related blog posts.

Getting website copy right is vital in today’s digital environment and we have copywritten an entire website for a major UK general insurer.

Award entries are key to our proposition for clients and we write upwards of 30 each year. We have also interviewed several CEO for content marketing and press purposes, and have the credibility to do this comfortably.

We are able to produced brochure and sales copy and have done this for insurers, power companies and cyber security organisations.

We can help you:

TMCC can support with ad-hoc copywriting for a variety of uses or help you plan and deliver and a full content marketing programme with our expert editorial staff.

We can comfortably interview your most senior managers and create high-quality articles with an appropriate tone-of-voice.

And with our enviable award track record for clients, we can support you in planning and executing your award campaigns. 

Integrated approach

Where possible and appropriate, the TMCC team will take an integrated approach to copywriting and content by integrating material with public relations, social media management activity and/or media planning services. With ideas and content taking considerable time and effort it pays to repurpose that investment across all possible communications channels to drive maximum value.

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