"Next to doing the right thing, the
most important thing to do is to
let people know you are doing the
right thing."

John D Rockefeller

Public Relations

John D Rockefeller makes a good point. If you are the best at something, the first to something, have the best service or are an industry expert, make sure people know about it. Public and media relations activity can effectively position your brand and deliver key messages to customers, prospects and other stakeholders, often by via independent journalism.

The expert and experienced PR team at TMCC can help you achieve your communication goals, from developing strategic ideas and plans through to content development and execution. 

Developing your strategic public relations plan

We’ll bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business, starting with the development of a dynamic strategic media plan. What are your key messages? What is your target market? Which media best serves that audience? How can you engage your target media verticals? How should you positon your news and comment? What industry events can you comment on? What campaign ideas generate attention and coverage? These, and host of other questions, all need to be considered.

TMCC has worked extensively with a number of media sectors. This includes the health and general insurance and protection press, both in the UK and abroad, media in the social care and charity space, and the tax, accountancy and business press.

Our PR services help clients connect with customers and prospects, enhancing brand credibility and understanding of propositions.

Examples of our public relations capabilities:

With our work focussing on the UK and international media space, we have supported an international health insurer by planning and executing a multi-year global PR and media relations campaign, helping to enhance brand awareness across their key markets.

In the general insurance space, we have successfully built the brand presence and reputation of a leading retail insurance carrier through regular press placement and award success.

Additional examples of our work includes generating regular coverage for a leading UK tax consultancy business in the tax and accountancy media to build their expert positioning amongst high street accountancy firms. We have also supported a leading education outsourcing firm to distribute their stories to the key press in this space.

We can help you:

It all starts with understanding your business and creating a PR strategy and plan to support your commercial objectives.

The planning process will identify appropriate target press with the aim of either using existing media relations or cultivating new ones on your behalf.

The aim will be to develop and deliver your key corporate and proposition messages and execute activity across a variety of financial, health, charity, education and other press media.

As part of the process, we will develop ideas that will generate press coverage and build engagement with your brand. This includes creating regular strategic content aligned to your goals and building an awards plan to drive additional awareness and credibility.


Integrated approach

Where possible and appropriate, the TMCC team will take an integrated approach to media engagement, combing this activity with copywriting & content development, and social media management and media planning. With ideas and content taking considerable time and effort it pays to repurpose that investment across all possible communications channels to drive maximum value.