Awards bring rewards if you take the right approach

Awards are becoming an increasingly important part of a company’s marketing plans. Success in a national or international awards competition can be a significant tool for firms to highlight how they have been able to support their clients and the quality of the products and services they provide. Award success can deliver external and independent […]

Six effective PR activities that can drive traffic to your website

PR is the little thought of power-house tool for driving traffic to your website. Surely, we hear you say, working with the press can’t bring you website visitors and, God forbid, new customers? Handled correctly, it can.  Good PR will create brand awareness and naturally lead more people to seek out your site and services. […]

5 PR tips to measure your PR effectiveness

The advent of digital marketing has placed more pressure on marketers to measure marketing effectiveness and calculate returns on investment. Public relations (PR) professionals are not immune to this requirement but there are a number of tactics that can be employed to deliver a well-argued case for the value of PR activity. Here we’ll give […]