Building reputations and credibility through B2B PR

People frequently picture large consumer campaigns when they think of public relations. But B2B PR can be crucial. B2B PR helps companies that market to other companies rather than individuals, create visibility and brand recognition among target customers in relevant industry sectors.

B2B PR: what is it?

Instead of advertising a firm to the broader public, B2B PR concentrates on helping it sell to other organisations.

B2B companies who focus on their PR strategy actively maintain and cultivate their reputation with current and potential customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners. B2B PR strives to position companies as market leaders, by creating high-value earned media coverage, which supports credibly and positive brand perceptions.

A B2B strategy can be used in conjunction with B2C initiatives to make sure messages cut through to all target audiences. The two facets of PR will ensure a well-rounded and comprehensive strategy is in place for enterprises that sell to both business and consumer audiences.

Why is B2B PR important?

A business purchase usually requires more planning and consideration than an individual B2C purchase. B2B services are typically expensive and picking the best supplier requires procurement time and research.

A solid PR plan that focuses on establishing a company within its main sectors will also increase initial recognition among the general public while generating a library of trustworthy media content that can be used to support B2B purchase decisions. Online press releases enhance SEO strategies and help firms being researched by prospective customers.

B2B communications, when performed well, will help a brand to be ever-present in the appropriate contexts, the messaging surrounding the brand to be compelling and convincing, and all target audiences to be aware of the company; what it does, and why it is a leader.

B2B PR can improve reputation among potential partners and staff in addition to bringing in new customers. By establishing the company as a good place to work for, or with, and enhancing the employer brand, communications showcasing a business as an industry leader will attract the top talent searching for the best employment options.

Creating a successful B2B PR strategy

In-depth knowledge of a B2B organisation’s core vertical media helps to ensure the best outcomes when issuing press releases, placing thought-leadership features, or pitching interviews. If a campaign has more than one target market, the PR strategy must recognise and appeal to a range of vertical media.

The most effective B2B PR campaigns will feature clear messaging and in-depth insights that establish the company as an authority in its field.

Useful tools for B2B PR campaigns

Strategies can include article placement, podcasting, creating thought leadership reports or whitepapers, attending events, and creating original infographics.

Occasionally, B2B campaigns might include broadcast PR, where a spokesperson participates as a knowledgeable commentator on radio and television news programmes. This approach can be highly effective as it will relate to the current news agenda while enhancing a campaign message.

Newsjacking and press releases are also crucial. Businesses can position themselves in the centre of current news and establish themselves as media authorities on the subject by keeping up with current affairs and developing/issuing related commentary.

Analysing B2B campaign effectiveness

It can be critical to gauge the whole business impact of a B2B PR in addition to monitoring press and/or social media coverage. The wider business impact will include KPIs such as organic traffic to a website, subsequent conversions and indicators like brand visibility and reputational success.

Choosing a B2B PR agency to work with

Assessing prior experience of the industry in question is crucial when selecting a B2B PR firm. This information can usually be found on the agency’s website but direct conversations around clients, expertise, comprehension and accomplishments in the sector are important to have at the outset.

Agencies should understand how PR connects with issues such as SEO and have a creative edge and strong copywriting/storytelling skills. Chemistry is also important and the account leader(s) will typically function as an extension of the in-house marketing team.

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