Whitepapers – marketing ‘fluff’ or impactful communication tool?

So you have something important to say but not sure what medium to use to get your message across? A whitepaper might be the answer. A whitepaper should inform the reader with new and/or insightful information and analysis on a particular market sector or subject. But these can be time consuming documents to complete; the […]

Why planning your content marketing matters

Content marketing is very important to any business that uses a website to sell or promote itself. Not only is it a fundamental part of a marketing and sales strategy, but it’s also a mainstay tool for the distribution of information, and improving brand recognition and SEO. Creating a plan for your content should be […]

Permission Reminders for Email Campaigns

When you’re designing an email campaign your first thoughts probably turn to the look and content. One thing that we speak to clients about A LOT is the importance of the Permission Reminder. The Permission Reminder is a small amount of text, separate from the main content, that’s used to indicate to the reader why […]