“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”

Adam Audette

Online Advertising

A two or three-stage sales funnel is a proven strategy to use budget effectively in acquiring new clients for service businesses:

Stage 1: Top of Funnel

Build brand awareness amongst cold audiences and attract potential customers by encouraging engagement, traffic or leads in exchange for value adding content.

Stage 2: Middle of Funnel

Retarget audiences to further add value and gain trust. This process will attract higher intent purchasers.

Stage 3: Bottom of Funnel

Advertise the offer to warm prospects and sell the benefits of your service. At this stage we will be looking to generate marketing qualified leads for your sales team.

As part of the process, we recommend capturing leads through dedicated landing page(s) to increase the conversion rate of traffic to leads.

Integrated approach

The TMCC team takes an integrated approach to video production, combing these services with copywriting & content development, public relations, social media management, design, and media planning. With ideas and content taking considerable time and effort it pays to repurpose that investment across all communications channels to drive maximum value.